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We have always raised our own beef and pork. We would like to share what we have enjoyed with our neighbors and friends. The beef and pork we sell is just like what we put on our table. We want you to know if we won't eat it we won't sell it.


    Our beef is raised without hormones and are fed only non-GMO  grain. They have received no antibiotics for over one year. The grass and grain feeding program we follow insures our beef is yummy, tender, and lean. We have individual cuts available at all times or you can schedule a whole, half or quarter beef for the future.


     Our pork is fed non-GM grain and hormone free rations. No close confinement feedlot here; our hogs run free in an open-air barn. You can  enjoy our fresh tasting pork by the cut or fill your freezer with a half or whole hog.

Are you looking for a few good healthy Holstein feeder steers? We usually have some for sale. 

Give us a call and see how many and the sizes we have available



     Our chickens are raised out on pasture and their pens are moved daily. No hormones and only non-GMO grain rations are fed to our chickens. We believe our system makes extra tender and juicy meat. We have frozen chickens available in the winter. 

      Our turkeys are also fed non-GMO grain and hormone free feed. We sell whole turkeys and ground.


Baked Goods

Fresh-Baked items are available at the Farmers Markets we attend or by special order to be picked up at our farm store. If you are coming to one of the markets you place a special order and it will be waiting for you.

Breads * Pies * Angel Food Cakes * Cookies

Cinnamon Rolls * Pumpkin Rolls * Noodles


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How To Buy Our Meats, Eggs, and Baked Goods

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We have our meats and eggs

available at all times at our farm store.

    Baked items are made to order only.

   You should always call to make we will be home when you come. Be sure to call! 937-273-3031

No Sunday Sales!

Farmers Markets

We Take Our Products To These Farmers Markets.

We bring a nice selection of baked goods to these markets. If you want something special give us a call to place a special order and insure that what you want is available



Fairborn Farmers Market - 10am-2pm

Main Street and Grand Avenue, Fairborn



Sugarcreek Farm Market - 3pm -7pm



Huber Heights Farmers Market - 9am - 1pm


Shiloh Farmers Market - 8am -12 pm

Shiloh Church, 5300 N Main St, Dayton


 During the winter we are not at these markets every week so give us a call 937-273-3031 to see what days we are at these markets. You can also be put on our contact list and we will call you in advance to see what you need.




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